the making of…

Download as PDF file (in English): the-making-of

In 2012 I made this step by step photo series for my blog De Draad Aquarellen, at the request of some fellow watercolour bloggers. I usually paint very wet, and I am always amazed by the beautiful and unexpected effects the water creates. That for me is the most fascinating about watercolour. I hope this demo encourages beginning watercolour painters to experiment with the amount of water they use.
For the painting I used the reference photo shown on the Paint and Draw Together blog.

I made a quick drawing and started to paint the pears and most of the background yellow, careful to leave the highlights white.


While that was still very wet…


… I added sapgreen… and vermillion red.


When the red threatened to take over the whole pears… oops…


…I used paper towel and removed the excess and softened the edges.
Tip: try not to go back in again with the brush but control the paint by tilting the paper.
I also added more yellow to both pears, making use of the nice property of yellow (and also clean water) to push other colours away.


Because it was all very wet…


…I then waited till it the whole painting dried.
When totally dry I carefull erased most of the pencil lines.


Then I added ultramarine blue, and softened edges here and there with a damp brush.


Then I added shadows and the last finishing touches… and tadaaaaaah…


Good luck!
Judy Barends